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Renting a property in the Netherlands

Renting a property in the Netherlands

Searching for a Dutch apartment or home to rent? In our guide to renting in the Netherlands, you can read more about the rental market.

If you're relocating to the Netherlands, you might want to rent instead than own real estate there. However, the regulations for renting a home in the Netherlands can be confusing, and many rental homes there are social housing with a limited supply.

In the Netherlands, both natives and foreigners frequently rent. According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), 42% of all dwelling units in the nation are available for rent. Housing associations hold over 75% of the rental houses in the nation, which has a large proportion of social housing.

In certain locations, there are limits on who is permitted to reside there, giving preference to people with a strong connection to the area, such as those who were born there, have relatives there, or work nearby. Rents are evaluated and limited for low-value houses.

The property market in the Netherlands declined between 2008 and 2012, just like it did in many other European nations. Even though supply is not keeping up with demand, things are suddenly getting up. According to current projections, the Netherlands will have a 300,000-home deficit in the upcoming years.

The government department in charge of housing is the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

Frequently rented locations in the Netherlands


The name "Venice of the North" is frequently used to describe the capital and largest city of the Netherlands. The economic hub of the Netherlands is the city of Amsterdam. It has been ranked as the tenth best European city to launch a business and is a fantastic place to get employment.

Over 50% of Amsterdam citizens were born abroad, indicating the city's significant immigrant population. However, despite being a thriving city and a desirable area to live, rental costs are higher here than they are elsewhere in the Netherlands. Read our article on where to live in Amsterdam for additional details on migrating to the city.


The biggest port in Europe and the second-largest city in the Netherlands, Rotterdam is situated in South Holland. Similar to Amsterdam, it is a multi-national city and is home to numerous significant corporations, such as Unilever, Pfizer, and Allianz. Although not nearly as expensive as Amsterdam, the city's rental market is nonetheless extremely pricey compared to most other Dutch cities. Visit our Rotterdam housing guide to learn more.

The Hague

The Hague, a city in western Netherlands, is well-known for housing both the Dutch government and other international institutions, including the International Court of Justice and Europol. As a result, the city is home to many foreign professionals and boasts a large number of luxury apartments that are suited for expats. After Amsterdam, it is the second-most costly city to live in, with one-bedroom flats costing up to €1,000 per month. Read our article on where to live in The Hague for more details.


Groningen, the largest city in the north of the Netherlands, is among the oldest in terms of both its architecture and culture. With more than 50,000 of its 230,000 inhabitants residing there for educational purposes, it has a substantial student population. As a result, it boasts a lively nightlife and a large number of rental flats. See our relocating to the northern Netherlands guide.

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In the Netherlands, renting vs. buying

When determining whether to purchase or rent a home in the Netherlands, there are several aspects to consider. Renting allows for greater freedom and reduces your maintenance-related duties. In the Netherlands, renting comes with a number of safeguards, and if your income is modest, you can be eligible for a rent allowance.

You won't have a home you can fully call your own, though, and you won't have much freedom to change the fixtures and fittings. Purchasing a home also frequently results in lower monthly expenses, however you should first explore your financing alternatives. Use Expat Amsterdam's free mortgage calculator to do this task quickly online.

However, purchasing may be time-consuming and dangerous. It is advised that you rent if you are new to the region or want to remain less than three years because purchasing a home can take many months (usually at least three) and expenditures are normally at least 6% of the purchase price.

Rental property types available in the Netherlands

In general, there are five different types of housing available in the Netherlands. 

  • detached residences (vrijstaand)
  • semi-detached houses (twee onder een kap)
  • townhouses/terraced homes (rijtjeshuis)
  • Apartments (appartement) can be 1-3 bethrooms
  • houseboats (woonboot) in size

The majority of homes in the Netherlands are unfurnished and may come missing necessities like carpets, refrigerators, and washing machines. However, it is possible to obtain furnished rentals, particularly for short-term lodging. You may also locate apartments that are partially furnished, which contain furnishings like carpeting, drapes, and standard appliances.

Some anti-squatting networks offer another form of modest housing, renting out spaces at low prices only to keep themselves busy. Typically, buildings are divided into rooms that are rented out for low prices (sometimes as little as €150 per month), but tenants have less rights and may have to leave on short notice.

Netherlands utilities and telecommunications

When renting in the Netherlands, you could be responsible for opening accounts for services like electricity, gas, internet, phone, and TV, depending on the home you move into and your leasing agreement.

In many cases, the landlord will take care of them and include the appropriate monthly expenses in your rent; nonetheless, they should be completely transparent about any additional fees.

Amsterdam to force down rents in vacant apartments after six months -

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