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Healthcare in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has one of the greatest healthcare systems in the world, and it is one of the few that blurs the lines between private and public treatment. The majority of healthcare institutions are non-profit organizations that are heavily controlled by the government. Long-term health care is typically paid for by taxes, whereas short-term care is covered by mandated private insurance.

The health-care system in the Netherlands is organized into many layers. The first rung is dominated by general practitioners. Without a doctor's reference, it's virtually impossible to see a specialist on the second tier. Nonetheless, all medical institutions in the Netherlands provide excellent standards and specialized treatments. The majority of doctors are able to communicate in English.

Medical insurance from a private health insurance provider is obligatory for all residents and taxpayers in the Netherlands. Within four months of coming in the nation, this must be arranged. Insurers must provide the same basic coverage to all customers. Some medical services are not covered by standard insurance policies, hence extra health insurance is available to cover these expenses.

In the Netherlands, pharmacies (apotheken) abound, stocking both prescription and non-prescription drugs. In most large cities, 24-hour pharmacies are accessible in addition to those that are open during regular business hours.

The Dutch government has hired many private ambulance services to operate within a specific service area. The response times are excellent. In the Netherlands, the emergency number for an ambulance is 112.