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Accommodation in the Netherlands

The housing in the Netherlands is typically nice, and there is a wide choice of options. Serviced flats, for example, are normally completely furnished for expats, but residences in the Netherlands are often unfurnished.

You'll need your citizen service number, sometimes known as a BSN, to rent an apartment in the Netherlands (burgerservicenummer). Students must produce a bank statement as a guarantee of credit, while expats working in the Netherlands may be required to provide their job contracts.

In the Netherlands, there are two types of rental agreements. Fixed-term tenancy agreements stipulate a minimum rental length of six to twelve months. Indefinite rental contracts, on the other hand, have no defined expiration date, providing for a more flexible, open-ended lease.

Typically, deposits range from one to three months' rent. Utilities aren't always provided by the landlord and are normally a tenant's responsibility. Landlords, on the other hand, will be in charge of general upkeep and insurance.

Expats looking to migrate for the long term may find purchasing a home in the Netherlands appealing. Agents have the most up-to-date information, are familiar with the surrounding locations, and are knowledgeable about what is accessible and how much it costs. While some banks may lend to foreigners, others will only give mortgages to European Union nationals or those who have lived in the Netherlands for at least three years.