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Best universities in the Netherlands 2023

Best universities in the Netherlands 2023

The Netherlands has started to draw a lot of attention for its highly ranked, prestigious medical schools, engineering schools, law schools, and business schools. The Netherlands has some of the oldest universities in the world and was one of the first nations in continental Europe to introduce English-taught courses. And a lot of attention due to their lax rules, but it is a very different topic.

Netherlands Rank 2023World University Rank 2023 UniversityCity/town
159Wageningen University & ResearchWageningen
260University of AmsterdamAmsterdam
366Utrecht UniversityUtrecht
470Delft University of TechnologyDelft
575University of GroningenEnschede

Wageningen University & Research

The only institution in the Netherlands that focuses on wholesome eating and a healthy lifestyle is Wageningen University and Research. The history of Wageningen University & Research began in 1876, when it was founded as a national agricultural college.

One of the best universities in the world is routinely ranked as Wageningen University & Research. One of the greatest colleges in the world, namely in the field of life sciences.

"To study the potential of nature to improve the quality of life" is its stated goal. This unifying theme unites all 20 bachelor degree programs offered by the university, including those in agrotechnology, molecular biology, and international land management.

The university is in high demand to produce research for the Dutch government, businesses, and organizations due to its expertise in food and the environment. These organizations have requested its facilities to investigate fresh approaches to healthy living. Their initiatives have included anything from looking for new renewable energy sources to figuring out how to make plastic from seaweed.

In keeping with its emphasis on maintaining a healthy natural environment, Wageningen University & Research set the goal of being carbon neutral, which it accomplished in 2015.

University of Amsterdam

Students at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) can select from more than 200 degree programs taught in English, some of which are exclusive to this institution. The UvA is the top-ranked Dutch university in the THE Europe Teaching Rankings and comes in at number 62 in the Times Higher World Rankings for 2020. The UvA provides one of the broadest selections of English-taught master's studies in Europe, with more than 7,000 international students and researchers from more than 100 nations.

The UvA is a cutting-edge university with a focus on research that has its origins in the founding of the Athenaeum Illustre in 1632. It is situated in the center of a bustling capital city in Europe.

Utrecht University

Utrecht University, one of Europe's top research universities with roots in the heart of the Netherlands and founded in 1636, is renowned worldwide for its innovative, high-quality approach to research and teaching. With a total enrollment of around 30,000 students and 12 Nobel laureates, Utrecht University is one of the greatest universities in the entire globe.

Over 90 graduate programs (MSc, MA) and 12 undergraduate programs are available at Utrecht University (BSc, BA, LLM). All of the programs are taught entirely in English and span a wide range of academic fields, including the humanities, social sciences, law, and earth sciences.

The Dutch Code of Conduct (pdf), which ensures proper recruitment, selection, and mentoring of international students, has been signed by Utrecht University.

International students are choosing the Netherlands more frequently because of the country's excellent standards of living and education, options for employment throughout studies, and guaranteed one-year work visas that can lead to permanent employment after graduation.

Delft University of Technology

The Royal Academy was established by Dutch King Willem II in 1842 to provide training for engineers and government employees. This is the origin of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). The organization, which is today the oldest and largest university of technology in the Netherlands, received university status in 1986.

The institution, which enrolls about 16,000 students and has a sizable international student population, is set up into eight faculties and provides 14 undergraduate and more than 30 postgraduate programmes in design, engineering, and science. The majority of undergraduate-level programs are taught in Dutch, whereas all master's degrees are taught in English.

TU Delft takes pride in being a futuristic, artistic institution with a global perspective that places a focus on problem-solving through teamwork.

The institution claims ties to three Nobel Laureates: Heike Kamerlingh Onnes and Simon van der Meer for physics, and Jacobus Henricus van 't Hoff for chemistry. The TU Delft alumni network has approximately 50,000 members worldwide.

Delft is a student city that is nestled between Rotterdam and The Hague and is bordered by canals. Its historic center, which originates to the Middle Ages, was formerly home to the Royal House of Orange.

University of Groningen

The University of Groningen (UG), which was established in 1614, has a long history of research, education, and innovation. With one of the largest international student populations in the Netherlands, the university is listed among the top 100 institutions in the world. In actuality, out of our 36,420 students, almost 9,000 are foreign students, hailing from 127 different nations. 

Study in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a highly well-liked place to study. Internationals select this stunning nation because it has some of Europe's top colleges, good living standards, a welcoming population of foreigners, and one of the world's happiest and safest places to live. The extensive selection of engineering degrees provided by universities reflects the Netherlands' international reputation for cutting-edge technologies and engineering solutions. Never mind language hurdles; over 90% of Dutch people speak English. Bike lanes and the "cycling culture" will also aid in your fitness and well-being, and there are a variety of internships and jobs available to international students.

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