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F.A.Q. about jobs and recruitment agencies in the Netherlands

If you want to relocate to the Netherlands, we strongly advice you to read this FAQ post. Here we answer all the questions that we usually get from people willing to start living and working in the Netherlands.

Who can apply for a job in the Netherlands?

Every person who is at least 18 years old.

Can I apply for a job with my friend or a relative?

Yes, of course! Many companies are willing to accept friends or couples. However, please have in mind that companies may arrange your accommodation only if you work for them. If you want to relocate with your family, we suggest one person start working and after a while other family member may join.

Is the EU nationality important?

In many cases yes. If you are not the EU citizen, you may apply for work VISA. However, you need to meet some criteria. The majority of people who work via Dutch employment agencies are the EU citizens. If you are not from the EU, please read HERE.

What is BSN?

A BSN number is essentially a citizenship number for which you must apply once you begin living and studying in the Netherlands. If you do not have it, you still can apply. The employment agencies in the Netherlands will make it for you. 

What other documents do I need?

In order to start working in the Netherlands you need ID card. The rest of the documents (BSN, health insurance) will be organized by the Dutch employment agency. The process is very simple. In many cases people start working next day after their arrival to the Netherlands. 

In which city will I work?

Our clients are located all over the Netherlands. In all cases we organize accommodation together with our partners, so you do not need to worry about it. However, the majority of our employees work in Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Veghel, Tilburg, Amsterdam, Breda, Helmond.

Where will I live?

To find a decent house for a reasonable price in the Netherlands is extremely difficult. But do not worry! We will take care of it! Together with Dutch real estate agencies our partners in the Netherlands will organize accommodation for you. Usually, people live in double rooms with another colleague. These might be hostel, private house type accommodation. The prices depend on each company but usually it is around 100 EUR per week with all utilities included. We also want to remind that you can always find your own accommodation.

However, to rent accommodation in the Netherlands is not the easiest task. Please read how to rent in the Netherlands first.

How will I get to work?

The employment agency will organize not only accommodation but transport as well. The traditional transport in the Netherlands is a bicycle. So, be ready to go daily to work with a bicycle. However, if your accommodation is further, then you or your colleague will be provided with a car. We suggest you always inform an agency if you do not know how to cycle a bicycle. 

What language do I need to speak?

English. This is the work language in the Netherlands. Dutch people are fluent in English and you will have no problems to communicate daily. Of course, if you speak some Dutch, you have advantage, however, English is enough. If you do not speak Dutch or English, then your chances to get a better job decline. In many places workers are asked to speak at least A2 level of English.

Do I need to have a Dutch IBAN?

No, you may have your IBAN from your home country. Dutch company may transfer your salary to any European bank. However, have in mind that you ALWAYS need to have IBAN before you start working.

I lost my ID. Can I get a job?

No, without ID or a valid passport it is impossible to get a job in the Netherlands. Driving licence is not considered as an ID. Your ID or passport must also be valid and without any damages (scratches, broken parts).

How long can I work?

You can work up to 18 months in a Dutch employment agency. After that your contract may be renewed. In some cases people work only few weeks for seasonals jobs.

What kind of work will I do?

Omniwerk offers positions in logistics, production companies. You will work as a warehouse worker, order picker, production line worker. We also do have positions for qualified tech personnel who work in constructions. However, on our site you may find many other jobs offers that are suitable for foreigners willing to relocate to the Netherlands. You may find them here.

Can I apply together with my friend?

Yes, of course. You are welcome to join together. We will arrange accommodation and the same work place. However, many companies due to housing issues cannot accommodate more than 2 people in one place. Chances to find a job and a living place for 3, 4 or people are very low.

How long does employment take?

Not much at all. People start working in 1-8 days from the moment they apply. 

Who pays relocation costs to the Netherlands?

Every candidate has to cover relocation expenses on his own. Companies do not compensate plane tickets to the Netherlands.

How much money should I have after arrival to the Netherlands?

You do not need to pay for housing or transport. You first salary will come next week. Till then we suggest having money for food. Of course, the more you have, the more secure you feel. 

Looking for a job but you do not have BSN?

We are happy to say, that we can offer you a job in the Netherlands without having BSN! We will make it for you. Just register and one of our coordinators will contact you soon.