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Connection in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, staying in touch is simple. In the Netherlands, hundreds of firms provide internet connectivity in various forms, including DSL, cable, and fiber, as one of the most connected countries in the European Union.

The Netherlands has a very high mobile phone penetration rate. Vodafone, KPN, and T-Mobile are the biggest mobile phone operators in the Netherlands. You can use some international phone services in the Netherlands, and you can also get a Dutch SIM card. Otherwise, you may sign a contract or purchase a prepaid plan with a Dutch service provider.

PostNL is the largest and most dependable mail delivery service provider in the Netherlands. Monday through Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m., post offices are normally open. On certain shopping evenings, generally Thursday or Friday, several post offices in big cities stay open late.

In terms of English media, the Netherlands has a number of international news networks, as well as local English news websites and resources such as, NL Times, and Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Any public library will include newspapers from numerous nations and in a variety of languages. The Holland Times, an expat newspaper, is also available for subscription or free at numerous sites around the Netherlands.