Work in the Netherlands
Work during the Christmas period

Seasonal jobs in the Netherlands 2023

Most companies hire people for temporary work in the tourism industry, logistics, food service industry or production companies. Every year we have more than +200 open vacancies where people can apply.

At this moment we have open projects for those who would like to come for summer period. This is a unique period that allows you to stay in the Netherlands for 8-14 weeks, see the country, know the culture and earn money.



Omniwerk works together with its partners in logistics, production, food industry. During summer many companies need back up as the demand rises. Companies are willing to employ additional staff for short period. You will be employed on one of our clients' companies where experience is not needed. Due to this, everyone can apply. 


The length of your employment will last around 8-14 weeks. 


We work with different companies all over the Netherlands. You may work in Veghel, Tilburg, Eindhoven, Waalwijk, Hertogenbosch, Amsterdam, ect.


Weekly payment. Hourly wage varies from 11.20 to 14.30 EUR/gross per hour. You will work 38-42 hours weekly. However, in many cases overtime is possible which is paid extra.


Each person gets accommodation organized by a company.

Main requirements:

  • possibility to work in the Netherlands for 6-10 weeks during Christmas period
  • English language of at least A2 level
  • EU nationality


These are the companies as an example:

Promese - logistics

Sligro B.V. Veghel - logistics

Ingram - logistics

Jumbo - logistics

Vaess - production

The best workers also have a chance to stay in a company after New Year.

If you are interested to work in the Netherlands during November-January period, register below and you will get a further information. We will also call you.


Safe for studies

Working in the Netherlands during high school can also allow your to save money for college. This money may be used to buy books, travel expenses, living expenses, and even tuition, reducing the amount of money students need to borrow while in school. Do not miss the chance to see the Netherlands and earn money for you further studies.

Encourage Exploration

Teens that work throughout high school, whether at the public pool, the mayor's office, or a neighborhood fast food shop, will learn a lot about themselves, their work habits, and their career goals. Their professional choice may change, but what they learn in college will be beneficial. Part-time job might assist a teen in identifying and developing his or her inherent characteristics. 

Develop self-reliance

If managed correctly, this may be a fantastic chance for students to develop and gain independence. Parents frequently try to micromanage their children's life in order to steer them in the correct direction. You will  make some of your own life decisions, even if it involves certain bumps in the future figurative road. You will learn how to live independently in the Netherlands.

Looking for a permanent job?

According to the OECD, Dutch citizens have life satisfaction that is much higher than the norm for the world due to above average job and earnings options, housing, education, health, and environmental standards.

If you would like to work in the Netherlands, feel free to apply and we will contact you soon.

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