Vaess started as a company focusing on meat and sausages, and has diversified into different industries like vegan cheese, bakery, fish and of course plant-based products. Company's building blocks and solutions are all based on a limited number of technology platforms that can be applied in the industries mentioned above. This focused approach, its creativity, and its culture have made Vaess perhaps one of the world’s most innovative food companies.

We are looking for a production worker to join the company for a long-term position. 


  • Preparing and completing warehouse orders for delivery or pickup according to schedule
  • Receiving and processing warehouse stock products
  • Maintaining and operating the machinery and searching for potential malfunctions or risks
  • Transfering the products and equipment
  • Keeping the facility clean by removing debris and trash to ensure safety
  • English language
  • the EU nationality
  • This position demands stamina and a good physical condition, as you’ll have to regularly lift heavy loads.


  • Hourly salary from 11.93 EUR/hourly gross
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • All needed support while relocating

City: Deventer

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Food production companies in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a world leader in food innovation - from farm to fork, thanks to world-class research institutes, research universities, and public-private partnerships between science, business, and government. The Netherlands, as a food powerhouse, is the world's second-largest exporter of agricultural products, after only the United States.

Together with Dutch research institutes and government, companies work to innovate and create the future food industry.

Duties of a production worker

A Production Worker is in charge of putting raw materials into machines, assembling things on production lines, and keeping track of the entire process. Furthermore, they do basic quality checks such as product or package testing before to shipping by properly storing all necessary supplies.

Responsibilities include:

  • Managing production machinery (e.g. operation, maintenance)
  • Putting together and examining machinery parts
  • Keeping track on goods delivery