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Lesson nr. 1

The Alphabet,  Introductions, Greetings and Phrases

I will begin this course by going over the fundamentals of how to introduce yourself, how to shake someone's hand, and what to talk about in your first few interactions.

However, as in any language we firstly need to learn the alphabet. It's crucial to understand how each letter in the Dutch alphabet is pronounced before we begin introducing ourselves and learning the appropriate greetings. Although the Dutch alphabet is identical to the English alphabet, you must know how to pronounce Dutch words and letters in order to learn it as accurately as possible. You can find the Dutch alphabet below.


We are now at the stage where we will truly begin to learn how to speak generally with Dutch folks. Additionally, you will become acquainted with your initial lists of words that are usually helpful in simple greatings.

English DutchDutch
Hello! My name is PeterHallo! Mijn naam is Peter
What’s your name?Wat is jouw naam? / Hoe heet je?
How are you?Hoe gaat het met je?
I am greatMet mij gaat het goed
Where are you from?Waar kom je vandaan?
I am from GermanyIk kom uit Duitsland
I live in AmsterdamIk woon in Amsterdam
How old are you?Hoe oud ben jij?
I am 17 years oldIk ben 17 jaar oud

There are several differences in how you greet people. We can speak informally (like "hi") or formally. English and Dutch greetings are very similar.

More phrases

GoodbyeTot zienstoht zeens
See you later (in the same day)Tot strakstoht straks
See you soonTot zotoht zoh
PleaseAlstublieft / Alsjeblieftahlst-ew-bleeft / ahl-shuh-bleeft
Thank youDank u wel / Dank je weldahnk-ew-vehl / dahnk-yuh-vehl
Thank you very muchHartelijk bedankthahr-tuh-lik buh-dahnkt
You're welcome (don't mention it)Graag gedaankhrahkh khuh-dahn
I'm sorry / Excuse meSorrysaw-ree
Pardon me (didn't understand)Pardon, wat zei u?pahr-dohn, vat zay ew
Yes / NoJa / Neeyah / nay
How are you? (formal)Hoe gaat het met u?hoo khaht ut meht ew
How are you? (informal)Hoe gaat het?hoo khaht ut
Fine / Very wellGoed / Heel goedkhoot / hayl khoot
So so / BadHet gaat / Slechtuht khaht / slehkht
I'm tired / sick.Ik ben moe / ziekik ben moo / zeek
I'm hungry / thirsty.Ik heb honger / dorstik heb hohng-ur / dohrst
What's your name? (formal)Hoe heet u?hoo hayt ew
What's your name? (informal)Hoe heet je?hoo hayt yuh
My name is (I'm called)...Ik heet...ik hayt...
I am...Ik ben...ik ben
Nice to meet you.Aangenaam (kennis te maken)ahn-guh-nahm (ken-nis tuh mah-kuh)
Mister / Misses / Missmeneer / mevrouw / mejuffrouwmuh-nayr / muh-frow / muh-yuh-frow
Where are you from? (formal)Waar komt u vandaan?vahr kawmt ew fun-dahn
Where are you from? (informal)Waar kom je vandaan?vahr kawn yuh fun-dahn
I am from the Netherlands.Ik kom uit Nederland.ik kawm owt nay-der-lant
Where do you live? (formal)Waar woont u?vahr vohnt ew
Where do you live? (informal)Waar woon je?vahr vohn yuh
I live in America.Ik woon in Amerika.ik vohn in ah-meh-ree-kah
How old are you? (formal)Hoe oud bent u?hoo owt bent ew
How old are you? (informal)Hoe oud ben je?hoo owt ben yuh
I am ____ years old.Ik ben ... jaar (oud).ik ben ... yahr owt
Do you speak Dutch? (formal)Spreekt u Nederlands?spraykt ew nay-der-lahnds
Do you speak English? informal)Spreek je Engels?sprayk yuh ehng-uhls
I [don't] speak...Ik spreek [geen]...ik sprayk [khayn]
I don't speak ... very well.Ik spreek niet zo goed...ik sprayk neet zoh khood
I [don't] understand.Ik begrijp het [niet.]ik buh-khraip ut neet
I [don't] know.Ik weet het [niet.]ik vayt ut [neet]
How much is it?Wat kost het?vat kohst ut
I'd like...Ik wil graag...ik vil khrahk
Have fun!Veel plezier!fayl pleh-zeer
Good luck!Veel succes!fayl suk-sehs
Be careful!Wees voorzichtig!vays fohr-zikh-tikh
That is great / terrible!Dat is geweldig / vreselijk!dat is khuh-vehl-duhkh / fray-zuh-likh
I love you. (informal)Ik hou van je.ik how fahn yuh
I love you (all).Ik hou van jullie.ik how fahn juh-lee
How funny / odd!Wat vreemd!vaht fraymt
What a pity!Wat jammer!vaht yah-mer
What is this / that?Wat is dit / dat?vut iss dit / dut