Street View Car Driver

For a temporary assignment lasting about 5 months, Omniwerk is presently looking for the position of Street View Driver. Our client is one of the high-tech startup that creates autonomous self-driving cars.

A research project was developed with the goal of photographing public streets and spaces. Commercial-grade digital still and video cameras as well as a number of eye-safe lasers are installed in the vehicle(s). These sensors take quick pictures of the area around the car and store them on computers within the car. The imagery that the vehicle generates is comparable to a collection of high-resolution photos. The car poses no unique risk to other drivers on the road because it was designed to abide by traffic safety regulations. Later the whole information will be used to upload on self-driving cars.


  • Service to Customers and Individuals - Understanding of the guidelines and procedures for offering services to Customers and Individuals. This includes determining the needs of the consumer, providing services that satisfy quality standards, and gauging the degree of customer satisfaction.
  • Mechanical - An understanding of tools and machinery, including their construction, applications, upkeep, and repairs.
  • English Language - Understanding of the grammatical, compositional, and lexical rules as well as the structure and content of the English language.
  • Public Safety and Security - Knowledge of pertinent tools, regulations, guidelines, and tactics to advance successful regional, state, or federal security operations for the defense of people, information, assets, and institutions.
Company offers:

  • Housing in different hotels almost everyday
  • Possibility to see all the Netherlands and part of Belgium in 5 months
  • Insurance
  • Courses
  • Interesting job in tech world
Salary: 17.32 EUR hourly
Start: 15th August

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Logistics in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a key logistics hotspot in Europe, consistently placing first in the World Bank Logistics Performance Index. The Netherlands' logistics infrastructure gives unrivaled access to Europe, with the world's most efficient seaports and the greatest quality air transport in the EU. To construct a better, more sustainable logistics network, the Dutch are also creating new technologies and digital links. 942,000 Dutch logistics professionals, or more than 10% of the country's workforce, are driving these advancements. The Netherlands' advanced distribution capabilities and solid supply chain enable enterprises to reach clients across Europe and beyond.

Duties of an Order Picker

In a warehouse, an Order Picker gathers the necessary products to fulfill incoming orders. They're in charge of finding items on shelves, packaging them, and loading them onto trucks or shipping containers.

Order Picker responsibilities include:

  • Receiving and checking incoming pick tickets
  • Locating products using technology
  • Retrieving orders according to quantity, size etc. ensuring accuracy