Package Handler

(loading/unloading containers)

Stuwadoorsbedrijf van Rooij, also known as Stuwarooij, is the pre-eminent partner for logistics in the Netherlands since 1989 and unburdening is central to this. Many migrant workers start working in the Netherlands via an employment agency. Stuwarooij is not an employment agency; Stuwarooij gives employees an employment contract with fixed contract hours, which provides income security for the employee. This family business provides over 300 employees a grip on logistics at projects throughout the Netherlands.

Currently, we are looking for logistics workers who could work in an unloading department where packages from sea containers are handled. 

You will need to be able:

  • to lift packages of 50 lbs. without assistance. 
  • to maneuver packages of any weight above 50 lbs. with appropriate equipment and/or assistance from another person. 
  • to successfully complete all basic and recurrent training.
  • to contribute to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.


  • Basic English
  • Driving licence would be nice to have
  • Good physical health

Company offers:

  • Accommodation.  All housing is SNF certified (a national standard for good housing). Housing price is -50% lower than in any other company! Accommodation is shared with other colleagues. No private rooms available at the moment.
  • Free transportation.
  • Contract: 160 guaranteed hours contract per 4 week. Of course, long-term employment.
  • Free transportation.
  • Hours above contract are paid € 0,90 extra per hour.
  • Working on Sundays and public holidays are paid extra (you get paid 200%).
  • Opportunities to grow within the organization and a long time career.
  • Working shoes and clothing that are necessary for your job are free of charge.
  • Health insurance with a low rate.
  • Accident insurance: All employees are insured for accidents with repatriation coverage (free of charge).

Salary from 1750 EUR gross paid every 4 weeks. Advanced payment weekly is also possible. This is not weekly salary.

City: various cities in the Netherlands

Apply and we will contact you soon 


Logistics in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a key logistics hotspot in Europe, consistently placing first in the World Bank Logistics Performance Index. The Netherlands' logistics infrastructure gives unrivaled access to Europe, with the world's most efficient seaports and the greatest quality air transport in the EU. To construct a better, more sustainable logistics network, the Dutch are also creating new technologies and digital links. 942,000 Dutch logistics professionals, or more than 10% of the country's workforce, are driving these advancements. The Netherlands' advanced distribution capabilities and solid supply chain enable enterprises to reach clients across Europe and beyond.

Duties of an Order Picker

In a warehouse, an Order Picker gathers the necessary products to fulfill incoming orders. They're in charge of finding items on shelves, packaging them, and loading them onto trucks or shipping containers.

Order Picker responsibilities include:

  • Receiving and checking incoming pick tickets
  • Locating products using technology
  • Retrieving orders according to quantity, size etc. ensuring accuracy